Tuesday, March 03, 2009

a song for every kind of day

bath song: shine on you crazy diamond, pink floyd
darkness song: touch, sting
sex song: erm..too many to list i think. when i think of the top song in this category, il let you know :)
smooth song: you give me something, james morrison
happy song: strawberry swing, coldplay
sad song: in my place, coldplay
rain song: rehna tu, delhi 6 / warning sign, coldplay
ultimate mad dancing song: rise up
running song: the blood and tears, steve vai
energy/endorphin song: o saya, slumdog millionaire / uphold, talvin singh
mood uplifter song: nadia, nitin sawhney / anything cheesy by justin timberlake :P
feel better song: why do you build me up, forgot who its by :(
melancholy song: the scientist, coldplay
friends song: all the music iv shared with all my friends, too much too much to list. i have too many memories with every friend.
school memory song: another day in paradise, phil collins / anything by the backstreet boys etc
college song: mostly coldplay :)
ex boyfriend song: keep the faith, bon jovi / paradise city, guns n roses / mama im coming home, ozzy osbourne
crush on someone song: rescue me, bryan adams (AAAHAHAHAHAHA!)
jiving (even if you dont know how to!) with girlfriend song: dancing in the moonlight, cant remember who its by


Samarth Nagarkar said...

"Why do you build me up, Buttercup babe.." I think its by The Foundations.
sweet list. :)

haathi said...

ah thanks :)

and what brings you here?!

Samarth Nagarkar said...

Oh, I'm a regular on your blog. Have always been a fan :))

Samarth Nagarkar said...

RSS feeds. :)
In fact if u look at mine, you'll notice your blog is on the reco list too.

haathi said...

if you told me the url to your blog, id go check it out :)

Samarth Nagarkar said...

u just need to click on my name where it says samarth nagarkar said... heh
but never mind.. http://samarthnagarkar.wordpress.com

akshay said...

build me up is the foundations, but everyone just calls it the something about mary song.

you want to add led zeppelin's stairway and kashmir. and i'm surprised there's no sweet child anywhere.

mamoid said...

dancing in the moonlight is by toploader and foundation is build me up buttercup and thats our pondi song btw!!!

mamoid said...

oh btw why the hell havnt u added fix you....i mean helloooo.....

Anonymous said...

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