Monday, March 02, 2009


iv always thought of myself as not a very domestic-oriented person. all my life, iv had the luxury of the laundry getting done, healthy meals being cooked for me and the house just miraculously kept itself clean.

of course all this happened like a clockwork because of my super-efficient mother and her partner in crime the HYPER-efficient cook. although she joined us as a cook, she soon became "MANAGER-402 Abhiram". and today, she is one of the most dependable people around.

of late however, iv discovered small joys in doing the silly little things, iv started doing.

insignificant as they sometimes seem, its become a part of my whirlwind life today..

i cant cook for beans, but hey! i can cut veggies!

i take pleasure in making my bed. in ironing out creases and tucking the sheets in tight. in changing the linen every week. and in making sure we have a neat bed to go to bed in. i like to end my day in a nice crease-less bed.

i like to see vc happy and content with his meals. last night he went to bed hungry, and i swear it made me restless.

i yearn to have a space to call my own, a place where i can decorate, do up, assemble, and do all the things i please, to make my living space as homely as i want it to be. whether its paint the walls with graffitti, or put up a million frames, or have an orange loo, or stick a peg in the wall for my lamp, or have a book shelf..

its a significant change iv noticed in myself. like they say, theres a time for everything, and with small beginnings, just maybe this is my domestic side finding its way out :)


mamoid said...

i havnt left a comment in a long time...but...i miss home da...i know it's out of the topic but i miss home :( i miss being a gugu without a care in the world..i miss our talks about wanting to be frogs and rocks...i miss bitching about how crappy life can be when it was of today my life has taken a 360 turn...i want a revere gear...i even miss when my life revolved around my tv shows...where is the time machine da where?

akshay said...

i think you're ready to have 2.4 children and a dog.

mamoid, stand in line. you are in queue please wait.

mamoid said...

come to bbay na pls!!!

haathi said...

ehh mamoo we miss you. i thikn you need to make a trip here.

reverse gear and time machine would be nice, im love to go down the past again da.

sheehccchheeee 2.4 kids aa. thoo, just like all the other, you also have only one track mind. how about you're now ready to buy a house, or youre ready to learn how to cook, or youre ready to baby sit someones baby..

why why why would i have 2.4 babies?


akshay said...

2.4 is an average number. you can have a dog for the .4, or you can use it to represent the inner child in you. wait, for your inner child, a .4 is not enough.

you already have 2 houses, why do you want any more? and you can't cook anyway, so no point trying. whose baby you want to babysit?

i agree mamoid, come to bangalore. i think the phrase du jour is CTB.

haathi said...

eh thoo i dont like dogs. So thats out.

And i think even 2.4 is not enough to represent my innerchild :D so no place for babies.

And neither of the houses are MINE, so maybe id want MY home someday..

And i cant cook, but i said im READY to LEARN.. I have discovered i can bake decently and im willing to experiment and learn cooking, if given the right guidance hehehehahahaha..

Maybe il babysit your babies da aaaahahaha. After you find your reddy wife of course. And after she pays you handsome dowry.

mamoid said...

when the !@#$ did u start learning french mental....phrase du jour it seems....

ya it think it's about time i did come...never been away for so long....

"why do u build me up buttercup baby just to get me down and mess me around"

things are horrible here da....really i need laughter!!!

akshay said...

i learnt french before you joined PU, you imbecile.