Saturday, December 02, 2006

running for my life

so i started running again. yes, iv managed to wake myself up, beat the cold and get out of bed for 3 mornings in a row now. armed with trainers, tracks and different music everday, i get on that darned machine and i run for my life. the first 20 mins is a killer. everytime i look at the clock ticking, i wanna stop and go back to sleep. the first 20 minutes crawl. but once im past that, its like i never want to stop. its a heady feeling. and its such an enormous energy high. im glad im back in the zone. im happier, more energetic and more ready to face the day.

meanwhile, in matter closer to the heart, im a little torn. or i WAS a little torn. having been in similar a situation before, and having that gone a little haywire, im edgy, theres no denying that. once bitten..i would hate for it to happen again. id hate to have to lose a friend because i wasnt mature enough to deal with my feelings right. anyway all thats too "complex" im cutting the crap. leave things as they are. like tu pac said, keep it simple.

the weekends here again. tomorrow im off to shivasamudra with the gang from work. i cant wait. monday, il go back to running..for my life. like nothing can stop me. its a deadly feeling.


pooja said...

what happened yo??all ok??

Ajeya said...

hey!! running again! that's awesome. i should get my butt out to marine drive for a run too *sigh*

BornCritic said...

Waddaya mean tu pac?? He quoted me u jackass...Give credit where its due re.. Cwap..

haathi said...

poozie: LOL did i just call you that?! what happened aa? nothing re. tell you when you get here. full kakoos only.

ajeyadada: where in gods name have you been?!!

borncritic: tu pac probably said it first. you just rekindled my memory. dummass.