Tuesday, December 19, 2006


i have a cold. and its no fun. of course colds usually arent, but this one is particularly annoying. its a 100%, all the time blocked nose. with an incopntrollable trickle here and there. (yes, ewww is right).. and its making me wish i had another vent from which to breathe. OTHER than my mouth which goes dry and begins to burn after a while. i wish we had like a back-up nose. like switch to breathe-thru-your-ears mode, when your nose and nostrils are down and out. or gills maybe. or something, just to ease the discomfort.

the mornings are the worst. like a cold-hangover. everything is blocked. everything is stuffy. everything is weird and fuzzy. and so i missed going for a run today.

right now my throat, nose and insides feel like they've been sandpapered down..nice and pokey and nice and yucky, with a good dose of goop thrown in. yeearrccgghh. all i wanted to do all of today was drink coffee endlessly. and sit in a chair all day long, and not move a limb. my back feels sore, my shoulders and neck are sore.

sneeze.sniffle.brrrrssmmmppp..bleargh. over and out.

(ps: julia by chris rea is the new happy high meter ticker song..anyone else heard it / like it?)


akshay said...

dat soup is da shit. fo shizzle.

BornCritic said...

Looks like i caught it from ya!!! Achoooooooo..Great...thanks a million!! Sniff...I hate runnin noses..

haathi said...

bazooks: i STILL wanted rice bowl and not casa's!

bc: CAUGHT IT FROM ME AA?! can i help it if you have no resistance?!