Thursday, December 07, 2006

more pics

nothing makes me feel more complete and like myself, than water. then there was us, pushing it with every inch, on the rocks. the water was bloody inviting. the most amazing feeling was being perched at the edge of the rock, feet dangling off the cliff, and the spray of the water fall showering you ever so lightly when the wind changed direction. fucking blissed out.

i wanna go back. it was just short of perfect.

we then went on a wild goose hunt trying to find somanathapura, to see the kesava temple. someone said 15-20 kms. turned out to be more like 60+ km on a state highway, with no food joints or even a measly tea joint. as a result we didnt have any lunch. but we DID have breezers. and NO TOILETS. sigh. road trips are so much fun. anyway, we got to the temple after what felt like an uneding drive, on the worst road iv been on, in a long long time. and the crowds were dizzying. i almost didnt go in. decided to sit in the car and wait for the gang. but i ended up going anyway..having come that far. and mannnn, if you think belur and halebid are gorgeous, you have to go see somanathapur. its the only complete and still existing hoysala temple. its mindblowing, to say the least. i wont try and explain.
and just for the record, in the pics here are: raghu, prashanth, shwetha, vivek and me. i hope we can do it again, really soon!


BornCritic said...

next trip on the bike!!!!

byker7 said...

looks relaxing.

been a while since i've been there.

and i thoroughly approve of critic's sentiments.

Manu said...

that temple looks amazing. gimme some pics, if you have any more.

haathi said...

bc: yesss the bike!

byker: yesss the bike!

chubzgaloobz: TAKE THEM ALL buzkaxshi.