Sunday, December 24, 2006


niyu's going away to bombay in a few weeks. make that about 2 weeks. and i think its only coming down on me now. it hadnt fully registered in my head. and suddenly i feel like its all happening all too soon.

niyati is going away to bombay, to study music with my grand parents. to live away from home. to learn what life in another city, away from home is like.

and for that im really proud of her. she's doing something i didnt have the courage and clarity to do at 17. im so frikking proud of her. she's taken the plunge.

we're all going to miss her. but i think im going to miss her the most. im going to miss coming home to the one person who's always (well almost always) willing to let me sink myself into her warm and cuddly bear hug. im going to miss having someone with a superb sense of humour around at home. im going to miss having someone to cover up my sorry ass everytime i do something naughty. im going to miss having someone to snoop around and bug and annoy, just for a laugh. im going to miss having someone to teach me how to bake that chocolate cake right. im going to miss all those experimental cooking sessions. im going to miss having someone make me that mindblowingly fantastic pasta / lasagne / mousse / tangy mexican chicken..anything. im going to miss her happy cheerful presence at home. im going to miss having someone around to help me pick clothes. im going to miss having her to call me names and curse and yell and fight. im going to miss picking on each other. im going to miss our hysterical laughing together sessions. im going to miss all the mad crazy things we did together. im going to miss all the nonsense. im going to miss being just me around her. just the way i am, the way i really am, and she'd take it all..laughter and tears.

she's almost the exact opposite of everything i am. and yet in her, i see so much of me. and deep down im furiously possessive and feel such an immense sense of attachment and such a strong bond, that its going to be so hard to let go, and to see her fly her own way. but this is for the best. i KNOW its what she needs. i KNOW its the best thing for her. here's to you niyu. here's to your becoming a cool funky happening and successful whatever-you-want-to-be. because i know that whatever you do, you'll do it well. im so proud of you.

suddenly, i dont know what im going to do after 8 january 2007.


Niyeshwari said...

iyoooooooo!!!!!! REWANNA!! did you have to??
sighh!!!! lowe you daa.. you kakoo..
will miss you too,tooooo much to explain.

haathi said...

yeahh i did.. paapa. cos i lowwwwe you we dummass fart.

Noojes said...

Merry Christmas darling


PJ said...

AAAaaaa what sexy eyes ra re!!!! can i make friendship with you?? sakaataaa mamuuuu!!!!

Anonymous said...

awwwww!!lowe full lowe and all!!! see da mama full blog dedicated to u!!! amd thanks for ure antique ra!!!paper too!!!

Ajeya said...

wow! that's a big, brave decision. i'm proud of her too! but i can only imagine life would be a whole bunch different without a sibling at home. t c.