Wednesday, December 06, 2006

shivasamudra and then some...

thats us at shivasamudra. more pictures will follow. it was a mind blowing trip. i discovered that water, in any form (falls, sea, lake, pond, puddle!) really soothes me. i can sit and be quiet and feel completely myself and at peace with everything..just staring out at moving water. iv also learnt that boys are babies. you can never expect something and hope to have it, without going through heartache. arrrgh..

on monday night, i drove the octavia. lets just say i was speechless. its driving luxury at its best. its bloody unbelievable. what i felt most of all, was immense pride. im so proud of my dad.

today promises to be another distracted, scattered day. i fucked up so bad at work yesterday. simply because my mind isnt all together. 100%. and im fighting hard to get it back together. hopefully today will be better.

ps: this is a little prayer for andy. i pray that things are going to be okay. i hope you have the strength to cope with whatever may be the outcome of the next few days. i hope that whatever it is, you have it in you to gather yourself and be strong, not just for yourself, but for your future and your family.

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