Thursday, December 21, 2006

ancient love

i wrote this over 3 years ago. i must admit, at the time i felt like something absolutely profoundly emotional and heartfelt and poetic had flown through my mind and onto paper. now im just embarrassed. not at the way i felt, or what inspired the "poetic words", but at what i wrote and what it made me feel back then. i was kicked at myself. now i just think "hahaha what was i thinking"..funny thing it is, going back to what you once felt and expressed..

but this feeling remains. a lot of the time. after so many days. so many months..i still feel the same way. a lot of the time. its grown with me. its a feeling thats aged with me. its a part of me.

I cant wait for the next time I will see your eyes.
Those few moments, an eternity.
Those moments, an eternal bliss…
when suddenly all the trouble, the grief, the angst just disappears, in a moment.
And everything ceases to exist…my whole world is captured in those minutes that we share.
The world around comes to a halt and I’m caught in a rapturous, euphoric break in time.
Nothing else matters
and all that remains is you, me and the bliss
I long for that comforting embrace…a reminder
the warmth and hope…the overwhelming calm.
all in a few moments of being together
I’m addicted to you, to those moments I share with you
It feels like in those moments, is my everything.
—18 11 ‘03

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akshay said...

totally random thought: sweater wearing is theyyer...and mello jello flavour is rockeshwaring.