Sunday, December 10, 2006

fun sun fun sunday

its sunday. i think i love sundays. for the most of it at least. especially sundays when im all alone and by myself. the family is out today. folks in mysore. sister out with friends. so it was just me with myself and some more me. blissed out it was.

spent all morning at the parlour, pampering myself. its been a while. all of it wasnt a treat—wasnt "pampering". but some of it was. and im glad someone invented that hot tub of water in which to soak your feet. fucking amazing.

and then i drove around in a city that seems to be dead just pre lunchtime. wide and empty roads. grey skies. perfect light. it was like free falling.

and then i cried some. emotional overload happened. but i wasnt alone, so that helped. chinese food that followed helped some more.

its frikking scary just how much iv begun to love alone time. i dont know if its a good or a bad thing. i say scary because i wasnt like this. i wasnt one to sit around by myself endlessly. but today, i loved it. i need my time. my space. my mind. to recollect and gather myself every so often.

today was a day of renewal. love, happiness, contentment, satisfaction. its all back where it should be. remembering a line from million dollar baby.."there's magic in risking everything for a dream nobody sees, but you."


BornCritic said...

i hope u feel the same way everyday of ur life...not scared of course, but the whole list of feelings you mentioned in the last line. Above all, this 'contentment' u felt, should be cherished... Its very very precious.. and very very sought after...

akshay said...

i havent seen million dollar baby. or dhoom 2. or casino royale. :(

haathi said...

so what da.. i told you we'll go for casino royale before you go on holiday. and we'll rent million dollar baby and watch together one day. fatty.. what u so sad for all the time?