Sunday, December 17, 2006

such is life

last week i went to a concert at palace grounds. remember shakti. it was freezing in palace grounds. james, niyu and i were there in advance..with the most expensive tickets, in the 2nd row. in the bands face. when it started it was all worth it. they played their regular few numbers..and then what seemed like new stuff.

im a big u srinivas fan now. he's just so bloody effortless with the mandolin. things just flow, he doesnt do much. and then there was shankar mahadevan with his unrealistically tuneful voice. its absolutely insane how he can wander all over the scales and stay perfectly in tune (well almost). and then there zakir. he's the dude. theres just no other way to put it.

i havent heard them in a while. and i was mighty impressed. i cant judge if they were really that good, or if it was just a refreshing change, because iv been so out of the whole music scene. it was a good good good fun evening.

chicken parmigiana at casa piccola followed at 10:30 that night. so all in all it was fun. james macha is damn good fun to hang with. (and now he'll say im just blading, because i never seem to have the time to hang with him. so how do i know what im saying. muhaha.)

works been good. we released our calendar. and i got conned into representing the office to collect the bouquet on stage. which was not fun. i hate fake smiles. works been chilled out. when the cats out, the mice take it easy. the cat has been having a run of really bad luck. a spate of crises and family issues has kept him out of office. the mice have been at play / work. and its really fun. made me realise we work so much better when we dont have someone brething down our necks, making sure we do things only his way and no other way. we worked and we had fun and we werent so stressed out. sigh. theres a downside to everything i guess.

im tripping to bob hold on. the need to go clubbing is really coming back. i feel so old. havent been out dancing in months. the music is getting to me. i feel like i cant hold it anymore. like im going to burst into a jumpity jump right here, right now. which by itself is quite ok. but id much rather it happens on a dance floor, in a smoky, dim, bass-beat-thumping club. sigh..the little pleasures in life.

speaking of feeling old..i will soon complete 6 months since i started working. its like life has caught up all too soon. feels like just yesterday i wandered into the office for my interview..with what felt like an ndless life of freedom stretched out before me. now its like 6 months have raced by..time has caught up. and im back to thinking about "the future". which is ironic. for once in my life im enjoying the present. where i am in life, and everything about it, on all fronts has been so liberating and has taught me so much..and once again im forced to leave it and think about the future. more about this later..when iv sorted out my thoughts a little..

basically i want to be a baby forever. and enjoy life. im a sucker for the good life. i really am.


Prateek said...

oooooo i get a mention in your cool is that.....thank you so much are so kind.....hahahahahah

Manu said...

i went for deep purple. one word: JIGGLY.

haathi said...

jaaaaammeeezzz: yeah you get a mention. only because i had fun ra re! now you know what to do so il mention you on my blog :D

manuchubix: what was jiggly ra? or is it censored?

Anonymous said...

old peepals is jiggly. manu used to be jiggly in da old skool.

Jaaaaammeeezzz said...

i can show you a good time, all the time honey ;-) hohohohahaha