Wednesday, December 13, 2006

only questions

am i doing the right thing?
should i really ignore the way i feel?
should i give it more time?
should i confide?
who should i confide in?
who would be most objective about it?
but is being objective the right way to look at it?
should i stop running away from the obvious?
should i hold on to what i believe in?
should i listen to what i want?
should i stop lying to myself?
should i face up to what i really want, ego aside?
what will happen then?
why do i hurt so much?
why should someone or the other have to hurt?
why do i feel this way?
why do i feel anything at all?
cant i just be a rock or something?
only questions. fuckall...

watched dhoom 2. a wonderful exercise in futility it was. but for a trip of 12 ppl from office, it was fun. iv never bought 10 samosas, 4 panneer rolls and 10 cokes at inox, and held up the queue for 10 mins. everyone in the movie is ripped and buffed and in super shape. i felt fat. aishwarya is BUTT UGLY. so is hritiks 11th finger.

listening to walking in memphis. its still super happy..but that apart, i only have questions on my mind.


Ajeya said...

but why????????? hey, i might come to bangalore xmas weekend. will keep you posted

haathi said...

oh cool.. do let us know. come stay with us!