Thursday, November 30, 2006

ups and downs

theres lots to say. theres so much im feeling. theres things i want to share..get off my chest..air my thoughts. but i dont know where to begin.

monday was fuckall.
tuesday was good fun.
wednesday got even better.

in a completely random order:
i can still get silly.
i can still have my heart feel things i thought id forgotten.
i can still patch up when we fight.
i can still ignore things and learn to forget (or is it forgive?).
i can still wake up if i push myself to do it.
i can still run without getting instantly breathless.
i can still get an endorphin high and keep it going all day.

here's a snapshot of one totally blissed out happy time.


Anonymous said...

Keep it going all day?? U mean all day??? Man, i gotta learn to do that...

akshay said...

yes aa all day aa. ok what do us fat peepal know about all that...sigh...i think ill go and eat some icecream