Thursday, November 02, 2006

what i've learnt today

1: somedays are way better than most other days. after a chain of nerve-wrecking days, ONE day shines through. that one day makes you feel whole again. triumphant. happy. beautiful. that is what makes life worth it.

2: sometimes poeople are full of shit. when you feel like you know someone, its most likely that its a bloody illusion.

3: i have some inkling of a plan of action now. life feels like it has purpose and direction. and i feel happy again.

4: i can survive on my own. when the cheese gets stale, its time to move on to fresh cheese. this is my quest for newer fresher fragrant happy inspiring rejuvenating liberating cheese.

5: i aint happy, im feeling glad. iv got sunshine in a bag. im useless but not for long. the future is coming on.


Anonymous said...

fragrant cheese? I've heard cheese being described with many a term but not fragrant... Gorgonzola?

haathi said...

qa: yes cheese is fragrant da. you're just ignorant.