Sunday, November 05, 2006


its over. didnt think this day would come. cannot imagine what im going to do now. dont know if i have the strength. all that hope and energy i imagined i had seems to have gone away. he drained it out of me. and now im weak and alone. strangely i dont want anyone or anything. for once, i just want to be me.


Ajeya said...

if it is what i think it is, i know absolutely NOTHING i say will really help but for what it is worth i'd like to say, keep the faith

Anonymous said...

i agree nothing will really help right now. but sometimes all doors have to shut for a fresh window to open. Yes have faith. maybe life will really begin now!!

Manu said...

hang in there buzkashi

haathi said...

ajeya: im okay. it wasnt as bad as i imagined. i think im in limbo. cant decide which way to go.

anonymous: who are you?

buzkashi: im ok ra!