Sunday, November 19, 2006

dads new toy

so my dad decided he couldnt put up with the truck of a monster of a scorpio anymore. he FINALLY decided he needed something easier, something more driver-friendly and something more sophisticated. much like he is. he lives in style, and wants the best, always.

after much scoping and much deliberation and much thought and many a calculation of prices and mileage and so many different poples opinions on everything, he bought himself a skoda octavia last week. but its the lmk. the station wagon version. just the one i DIDNT want him to get.

oh well..have i mentioned he's also very stubborn? once he sets his mind on something, he has to have it. the good thing is most of the time its a well thought out, much contemplated and calcuated need to set his mind on that particular thing. its always the same, but it wasnt the case with the scorpio. though many wouldnt agree, that was a bad buy. an impulsive buy. and we were stuck with that pile of junk of 2 years.

well the octavia arrived last week, and thanks to crazy schedules and busy evenings and weekends i hadnt so much as sat in it, leave alone taken a ride in it, or driven it myself. finally today, a whole 3 days after its arrival, i got to ride in it.

its a dream. and it has a sun roof! so i felt all kiddy like and stuck my hand out of the sun roof. sigh. im happy for my dad.


Anonymous said...

i wanna ride

haathi said...

ay patti, quit putting anonymous comments no..