Monday, October 30, 2006

the voice, above the din

sometimes a "cheesy" song means everything you want to say. im resorting to quoting a song again. and i havent felt this "honest" and expressive in a long while. lets hope its not misinterpreted for more than it is.

too many views on life being thrust on me. actually its just one view on life thats being dinned into me. but it seems to have no effect on me. i think thats what irks the opposition. my view on life is alive. its struggling to stay alive, screaming, ever so feebly, above the din of everyday life. i can still hear it. it speaks only to me. to everyone else its comes through as a bunch of garbage. to be discarded and thrown away for something else. something some third person is doling out. how can i fit into someone elses clothes? how can what worked for so many others, (just because it did) be expected to work for me? am i not so drastically different from what they think i am? dont they see it? is it really that hard?

since when has being different, or being slow to find your way, come to mean being a "problem"? a psychological disorder? all i know is i want to find my way, MY way.

i want to run
i want to hide
i want to tear down the walls that hold me inside
i want to reach out and touch the flame
where the streets have no name
i want to feel sunlight on my face
i see the dust cloud disappear without a trace
i want to take shelter from the poison rain
where the streets have no name
we're still building then burning down love
and when i go there, i go there with you
its all i can do
the citys aflood and our love turns to rust
we're beaten and blown by the wind, trampled in dust
il show you a place high on a desert plain where the streets have no name
when i go there, i go there with you
its all i can do

and i can still hear the voice, above the din of everyday life. its telling me things nobody else does.


akshay said...

hi :D :) :P =) =D :)

Anonymous said...

nothing new about this. Life is like this for everyone. It is natural for people to try to fit you into something they think is right. So whats the big deal? If you believe in yourself you will find your way!
Why complain?