Thursday, October 12, 2006

a little drama, just to say thank you

this is just a downright, im-a-nobody sort of feeling coming out to say thank you.
thank you amma, for showing me so many things i wouldnt otherwise learn myself. even though it hurts at times.
thank you anna, for putting up with me. for coming to my rescue and helping me out at midnight, out of what was actually caused by my irresponsibility.
thank you goofy, for keeping me happy and alive and well fed every now and then. and for also showing me the wiser side of things that i sometimes miss.
thank you dunkoo for just letting me be me and loving me for me and making me wish and want to believe.

thank you everything.


niyu said...

hehe.. rewann...
wht wiser stuffs??

Noojes said...

No job is so urgent than that of saying thanks :)