Sunday, October 15, 2006


today was a food and drink and happiness day.

discovery #1: i REALLY like bloody marys today. man, i think its my new favourite drink.
discovery #2: my time management sucks. but discovery #1 made it all worth it.

utts turns 21 tomorrow. so we celebrated at a "surprise" lunch at tamarind tree, which is this really quaint lovely outdoor restaurant type place. it kind of outside the city in the wild (which will not remain so wild for much longer), and its not a walk-in kind of restaurant. you have to book it in advance and tell them what kind of food you want. it was a fun lunch. i got sufficiently high on 1 vodka-sprite and 2 bloody good bloody marys. mama..

and then after everything was done and we were on our way home the gloom set in. i dont know whats bothering me. and i cant quite pin point exactly what it is, but it feels like theres a lot on my mind. its a jumbled feeling.

do i need another bloody mary?

sitting here, listening to massive attack, which iv quite grown to like thanks to neezypeezy. its been so long since i really "listened" to any music. apart from the crap i turn on at work sometimes just so theres something playing in the background. and im feeling like things are winding down. like at the end of a race, at the end of a party, at the end of a long tiring day, at the end of a successful show, at the end of a cricket match.

in 2 days we're having an office party. (bloody mary, here i come!) the ladies are on a secret mission to freak the men out. we've created a medley of the worst, most lewd, "porkie" songs, and choreographed the worst ganpati-procession type dance to it, and stitched it together with a story involving the men at work. we're being the men. that ought to take them completely by surprise. oh yes, did i forget to mention its a secret operation.

energy low. will go get some much-needed sleep now.


Ajeya said...

bloody marys are so YUM! they're my fave drink. oh yeah and that 'can't quite pin point exactly what is is' feeling... it's like having this annoying morsel of food stuck in your teeth but you don't know exactly where it is. IT SUCKS!

Noojes said...

You gotta try Bloody spicy bloody marys - thats when u dunk in ALOT of tabasco and pepper - YUM