Sunday, October 22, 2006


3 days of the 4-day weekend have passed. i wont say its been a holiday well spent, because i REALLY wanted to go out of town. but i wont say it wasnt worth it because i have had a decent amount of fun. i chilled, i relaxed, i went out, i shopped, i met people i hadnt in a while, i hung out, i ate some really good food, i watched movies, i slept a lot, i spent quality time, we didnt fight, and we had a good time.

so what have i been upto?

stayed the night out.
spent 1.5 days watching movies.
watched the orinigal don, friends with money, monsters inc., ice age and bit and pieces of various things on tv.
chatted online.
slept in much later than usual.
hung out with pooja, who we met after 4 months.
went to stones, ate the mind numbingly delicious chilli beef, topped with beer. (ah!!)
got myself a new blue watch strap.
ate at casa piccola 3 days in a row. lunch on friday, dinner on saturday and sunday.
got my car back from the service station.
started reusing yahoo messenger.
scrapped people incessantly on orkut.
learnt to tolerate some more.
learnt that compromise is inevitable.
learnt that adjusting to something is always going to be on the agenda in life.
hung out with my baby cousins aged 10 and 1.5 years old.
lit the lamps on diwali evening.

tomorrow im going to get my car fixed again. because after 2 weeks of sitting in the service station its still not fully fixed. theres a weird film coating the entire inner surfane of my car, and it doesnt come off with water. the number plate is broken. the new window isnt tinted. the stereo head unit doesnt fit like it used to before the car went in for repairs. bloody fuckturds.

ch**th ka pakoda.
there's this loser i know. he's gotten very used to giving his "prized" opinion, his totally sorry and undesired wasted useless nuggets of information and gyaan everywhere..on anything. be it a new car in the market, the best place to buy jeans, graphic design or even "the way to lead your life". this is the stuff losers are made of. always being one-up on everybody else. pretending to be a know-it-all, when actually you're a SH*T, giving your goddamn opinion every-fucking-where, shooting your mouth like yours is the last word on everything there is to know. this was the most recent piece of gyaan he gave me. "as an adult i will keep doing by duty to tell you. what you do after that is a reflection of you, your parents and your grandparents." random. arbit. useless. thanks, you utter loser. now go get a life.

tomorrow i will hopefully eat a long awaited lunch with modhu "aunty", who is by far the collest adult i know, who puts most other adults to shame with her attitude, who iv been meaning to meet for ages now. the digger and i will trod along and stuff our faces. long live orchid.

then i will catch up with madds and anisha who i havent met in months..not long and chilled out enough.

sigh i need a longer holiday.



good picture

haathi said...

actually its a horrid picture.

Ajeya said...

happy diwali! sounds like you packed your weekend out (and your stomach ;) )! awesome

NiSh said...

we had a wonderful time no? man i loved it.. wish it couldve been longer though- should make a habit out of it!!!!

muhahahaha said...

fuckturd aa??hahahahahahaha i laughed my heart out ra!!what a picture!!!thoo!!