Sunday, October 17, 2010

What our weekends are all about

The weekend is here. I love weekends. Weekends are just awesome.
Technically my weekends aren’t entirely different from weekdays. But there is an inexplicable joy about waking up on a Saturday and knowing theres 2 whole days of freedom stretched before you.

I try not to leave my work to be done on the weekends. Its part of my meagre attempt to get myself into a routine, so that I make time for everything, and yet get my work done. I try and keep weekends free to laze about, spend time with VC, socialize a little, and get pending things done.

But I love weekends mostly because:
I don’t have to wake up at a fixed time.
I don’t have to rush through the morning chai-breakfast-work-clean up-cook routine.
There is no urgency to get lunch done by a certain time.
Most times I skip cooking lunch/dinner altogether.
We drive out.
We eat out.
Sometimes when I do cook, I can cook at leisure and experiment with new things.
The husband and I get so much more time together.
So much more time to catch up on movies, tv shows and lazing around together, going out etc.

Thats what weekends are about. Weekends pretty much make getting through the week worthwhile, for the both of us. Weekends are what make being here fun. And I wouldn’t trade them for anything! Our weekends are precious!


Jeweliot said...

not having to wake up at a fixed time .. that definitely is a big plus!

the best part is you guys get to spend good quality time with each other.. and driving-eating out = peace!

happy next-weekend :D

hAAthi said...

you said it. weekends are all about quality together time ;)