Friday, October 15, 2010

life at f1.8

The best way to sum up the past weekend would be: Confusion. Realization and discovery. And ultimately, peace.

That apart, one of the biggest things that happened this weekend, was that VC decided we have gone long enough without a camera. So he has finally bought himself a Nikon D5000. Not what he really wanted, but just what he decided to settle for, given budgetary and lifestyle constraints at the moment. But I can already see how much excitement it has brought. He is like a little boy with a new precious toy. The camera has been everywhere he has been, since he bought it. He’s been living life looking through his viewfinder, pretty much as f1.8, non stop. And that has resulted in rekindling of a long-dormant love for photography.

Here are some snapshots from the weekend:

Im REALLY happy for you, VC!


Disguise said...

Congratulations on the camera!
I love the beer jug shot and the shot of you :)

Jesu Dominic said...

What happened to the camera he was always shooting with?

hAAthi said...

disguise: i love the beer mugs too..its SO goa, and SO weekend :)

jesu: such a long story, that..check your fb inbox..heehe

Jeweliot said...

wow, awesome. i love the excitement new gadgets bring.. and something as wonderful as a superhot camera! *wow*

lovely images.. all 4

nakedswaMi said...