Wednesday, October 06, 2010

its official. BSNL sucks.

number of days since i started facing internet problems: 24
number of calls made to 198 to lodge a complaint: 9
number of calls returned: 8
number of times the linesman told me he would come by and check it: 8
number of times he didnt show up: 8
number of times i tried calling the broadband help desk: 27836928364256 (iv lost count)
number of responses i got: 3
number of visits to the exchange: 1
number of helpful people there: 0
number of hairs i have lost by now: 2390849263

this situation is a perfect congruence of a BSNL monopoly(because no other service provides broadband internet) + government employee mentality + the laid back i-dont-really-care-if-youre-having-internet-trouble goan mentality.

today, i still await the elusive linesman.
and i continue to pay 827 bucks a month for an internet connection with a moody mind of its own.
its far from "broadband" speeds.
its far from 24/7 connectivity.
and it most certainly doesnt make my life easy.

its confirmed. i live in a village.


Jeweliot said...

nothing more frustrating that a slow internet connection that claims to be broadband

sulagna ™ said...

haathi we are coming to Goa on the weekend of 23 :) yeayiiii !!!

sulagna ™ said...

sorry i came to tell you this on your blog

Karishma Sundaram said...

I think the one word I use the most when reading your posts is 'uncanny'.

..because everything you write, I face too! I too have a miserable BSNL modem that belongs in a landfill. And I too have called the 'help'line half a bazillion times to no avail.


hAAthi said...

jewel: you spoke too soon, before reading the haircut!

sulagna: meet me?!?!?

karishma: its fixed, FINALLY. i hope it stays fixed, though..