Sunday, October 17, 2010

meet ugly and igloo

this is the office dog. i dont quite know who named her ugly, but i think shes adorable. hyper, loving and a tad scary when shes expressing her excitement.
ugly recently had puppies. one of which survived, me thinks. while ugly is gray and mottled, her sole-surviving puppy is pristine and white. with a pink button nose. he is called igloo. heehee!

we went to the office on a sunday morning to try and get some pictures of both. but ugly is highly possessive of her new-born igloo. and the experiment wasnt very successful. the only thing that became really evident is vcs need to get himself a puppy, pronto.

oh dear.


Jeweliot said...

ugly and igloo are so adorable.. specially igloo. i just LOVE puppies..i feel like holding igloo hehehe..

Gosh these new moms are so possessive about their puppies I get scared going near them also..

it must have been like taking a tiger's snap..

hAAthi said...

it was! i ran away pretty soon. and the husband came back with paw marks all over his clothes hehehee..

Citrus said...