Sunday, October 03, 2010

swooning on sunday

Im back from a sudden unplanned trip to Bangalore. There’s very little that can compare with the feeling of coming back home. As I drove back from the airport, winding through the coconut tree lined highway and made my way across the many bridges over the vast expanse of waterways, I felt at peace again.

I came home to a pleasant surprise. The house wasn’t as wrecked as it usually is when the husband is left alone here ;) I was even more surprised to see that he had tried his hand at making himself dinner in my absence, instead of just eating out all the time. His bath towel was even hung out to dry! The dried laundry was taken down! The kitchen platform was wiped clean! All this was enough for me to ignore the messy stove and the unfolded sheets. As pleased as I was with the hint of domestic inclination in the husband, I didn’t really feel settled until I got down to some serious heartfelt cleaning this morning :)

There’s really no better way to spend a Sunday that stretches out ahead of you, but with some overdue cleaning, cooking, catching up on our weekly quota of downloaded TV shows and chit-chatting about the events of the past week we spent apart as we eat chocolate chip ice cream.

So here I lie lazing around in bed, while I listen to my latest discovery – Nikhil D Souza. Who I think I have a crush on, from just listening to his voice. Im OD-ing on some ultra cheesy (I’m talking Anjaana-Anjaani and Emraan Hashmi..eek!) hindi movie music, after a realllllly long time, mostly because I discovered it’s the same dreamy voice across so many movies: Udaan, Aisha, Anjaana Anjaani, and (yuck, gasp!) Crook)..but the voice! Sigh.. take a listen for yourself:


prateek james said...

send me some other songs of his daa.....mere bina is goodduuuu :)

hAAthi said...

you only sent me no da!

Jeweliot said...

ol @ all the exclamation marks .. your hubby really surprised you. good good

listening to mere bina. emraan hashmi's movies have goodmusic.. guaranteed good music!

i like anjaana anjaani songs too.. different.. fresh.

hAAthi said...

haha he sure did :) in a pleasant way!