Wednesday, October 20, 2010

all things yummy

so i have recently been addicted to masterchef australia. i actually downloaded all 84 episodes, and watched them one by one, putting virtually my whole life on hold. i brushed aside work, almost missed deadlines, ignored tv altogether, altered my routine to fit in optimal masterchef watching time, planned meals in such a way that it ensures least amount of time spent in the kitchen, fought to get my internet back up so i could have full speed downloads, oh and also didnt turn my laptop off forever to maximize downloads.

i did it all for the love of all things yummy things. the pursuit of passion, the contestants' love to create gorgeous food, yummy looking dishes, and also some yummy cute baldies.

this show has brought back my fetish for bald men. and i am now positive that theres nothing better than a hot bald man who can cook yummy things. a cute bald man who can cook will do too. its like the perfect amalgamation of all things yummy.

presenting the top 3 baldies from the show:

george calombaris: the cute baldie

matt moran: the suave baldie

adriano zumbo: the naughty baldie


Disguise said...

LOL at the bald men fetish =P

hAAthi said...

oh its an old, long standing and very strong fetish!

i think the husband was bald when the tide turned and i decided i could date him (back in the day) LOL..

Sindhu S Kumar said...

I swear man.. something about baldies no! especially when they get this little 'chick' like hair.. small and pointy in all directions!.. :P

Jeweliot said...


i like naughty baldie!!!!

i had this thing for bald men too, they can look extremely sexy! a bald man with a pierced-eyebrow looks darn attractive to me

i like skinheads.. my boyfriend was one when we started dating