Saturday, October 30, 2010


i know, i still havent given you the scoop on where we went last weekend. but a whole week has passed and it was time to decide what to do.

the husband has some sort of a personal mission going now. to visit a place we've never seen before, every weekend. todays destination: soul souffle. which is a really chic restaurant, with a lovely outdoorsy ambience, by this random spring which appears sort of out of nowhere. this made for yet another interesting non-beachy side of goa for us to see.

so off we went in a van, all 6 of us. 5 hormonal, client servicing boys. and then there was me. no music, but lots of banter.

once there, we lounged around by the spring. of course there were plenty of photographs to be taken. and i slipped into a bit of a day dream watching the local boys tossing themselves into the spring -- uninhibited, innocent and just so free.
dipping out feet into the spring offered a free fish spa treatment, kenko style! no kidding!

pretty soon it was lunch time. and of course there was plenty food and drink. we discovered that soul souffle concocted some pretty yummy mojitos. so we went for it. one. then two. then three. and vc decided i should have the 4th one too. which was pushing it a bit for me. but i obliged :P

with all those mojitos, assorted seafood, chicken, grilled fish, fancy looking and deserts inside me, i was ready for a freshwater dip. inspired by the boys, it wasnt long before i found myself standing directly under the mini waterfall, which by the way is one of the most awesome feelings iv experienced in a while.

after a saturday like that, who wouldnt be blissed?


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arrryeee!! keee?? PHANTAASHTIC! :)

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