Wednesday, October 27, 2010

another food crush on a food man

"Life's too short to eat crap!" ~Jamie Oliver

That statement pretty much clearly epitomizes the man’s love for food, his cooking style and philosophy. And Iv discovered jus how passionate he is in recent times. Apart from downloading a bunch of his TV shows and having my eyes peeled for weeks together, my interest in Jamie Oliver was recently revived when I saw his 10 minute appearance on Masterchef Australia. And in those 10 minutes he made every other Chef and Culinary Master I have seen on the show seem like limp vegetables soaked in tepid water.

The man is just SO FULL of energy and enthusiasm for what he cooks that its bursting from every pore! With fresh un-fancy (yes, I just made that up because it sounds so much more meaningful than “simple”) ingredients and techniques, Jamie Oliver can whip up things you want to eat through the screen of your laptop. His desserts, pastas, pies, bakes, crumbles, toasts, prettymuchanythinghesevercookeds have made me drool just watching him. He has a way, he really does. I dunno if it’s the flourish in his actions, or the flamboyance in his being, or the excited manner in which he speaks with a lisp, or his joy in growing the freshest produce and cooking the nicest family meals, but I so love the man.

Only Jamie Oliver can pull off a combination of mozzarella drizzled with honey and sprinkled with coffee, call it a dish, make you go whaaaa?? and still make you want to taste it! Only Jamie oliver can say “these flavours are slapping you in the face, but it aint good yet!” and then add “it needs some funky ass citrus!”

I love the guy. And for me, nobody else comes close to his culinary genius. *drool*


PeeVee said...

haha... crazy girl! this post is too cute :)

hAAthi said...

watch "The Naked Chef"..and i guarantee you will fall in love too.

dont be fooled by the name. its a harmless show. you'll love him for all the right reasons :P