Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a new discovery

recently re-discovered the script. and for some reason the second coming seems to have a better impact on me these days. this has happened with too many things. and now with this band..

the script has a style similar to the fray and snow patrol. music i listened to in mid 2007 or so. a definitive time in my life. so the script is taking me back in time. to my room. lying in my bed, staring into the darkness, watching the shadows playing on my ceiling and feeling intensely emotional about every goddamn thing in life.

its good to go back in time, now that im here. in this place in life. as long as i can race back to this reality, its all good. thats the beauty of music for me. it takes me to a time and a place, knowing well that i can always come back to the safety of my here and now.


Jeweliot said...

music is so powerful.. it can take us to any time and any place..from the past

hAAthi said...

orrrr, the future :P