Sunday, September 12, 2010

when i got off facebook, and discovered dosa-happiness!

iv had a rather strange week and weekend. the kind of week that has nothing exciting happen. the kind of week that had virtually no human contact or interaction. the kind of week that can drive you a bit crazy. and it did. it made me get off facebook. im actually surprised at myself. its been 2 days and i havent felt the need/urge to log back in. it probably wont last long, but i dont know when il want to get back.

probably the only exciting happening was the anniversary that happened mid-week. i still cant put a finger on whats making me so low and out of it, but i hope it will pass.

the weekend was pretty alright until this morning, when i woke up looking like hanuman. the lower half of my face pink, exactly like hanuman make up out of the sidey ramayan series. iv had a month full of unexplained and random skin ailments. iv probably had more skin issues in the last month, than i have in all my life. and im not just talking about everyday acne. im talking funny, out-of-the-blue, bordering on weird skin things. and this morning it seemed like one of those things surfaced again.

it didnt do much for my state of mind/being. because when youre low and out of it, the last thing you need is to realize that the thing youve been medicating yourself for a whole month for, is back with a bang. it made me wish i was in bangalore just for a split second, so i could go to a doctor i trust. it made me wish i knew why this is happening to me.

i spent pretty much the entire day moping around, feeling sorry for myself, and having "why-me?" thoughts. i tried to lift my spirits by making chicken curry to go with the dosas we planned to have for lunch. the chicken curry turned out alright. but when i went ahead to make the dosas (my 3rd attempt at home), things suddenly changed for the better. the world was suddenly a happier place. my sunday was looking up.

i finally managed crisp, golden-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside dosas. and thats all it took to make things alright again. i guess its confirmed. im a complete foodie and the simplest things do bring happiness like little else does. im turning in early tonight, with the hope that monday will bring in a refreshing and rejuvenating state of mind my way.

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