Wednesday, September 15, 2010

stand by me

oasis takes me back to the angst-ridden teenage years of 11th grade. when i wondered why i didnt fit in. why i had such few friends. why everyone around me seemed to be caught up in things that didnt interest me. and id sit in my room listening to wonderwall, dont look back in anger, stand by me, little by little and feel better about the world at large.. those were the days.

simple pleasures. happiness in music. a small little bubble of a world.

- a long list of oasis tracks
- a hot cup of chai
- sitting in my beanbag in my balcony
- a light drizzle with just the right amount of sunshine
- catching up on pending work, with a sudden burst of energy to finish

im in an oasis state of mind.


Disguise said...

Okay, I can RELATE to this post. :)
Stand by me is one of my favorite songs by Oasis, too :)

hAAthi said...

:) and thats probably why reading your blog takes me back to the similar time in my life..haha..

stand by me is so good, and probably one of oasis' most underrated and least appreciated songs!