Saturday, September 04, 2010

special guests this weekend

this weekend we have some interesting guests staying over. maya and tia didnt have anyone to look after them while their mommy and daddy are away for the weekend, so we took them in.

say hello...

maya is older than tia is. shes hyper, energetic and has a little too much energy for her own good. shes also a born explorer. in her heart i think she believes shes a mountain climber on an expedition. then sometimes i think she thinks of herself as a tigress on the prowl.

she is often found lurking stealthily behind curtains, legs of chairs and behind boxes, like she is planning an attack. its a bit spooky. shes also the biggest bully iv seen. she cant sit still for more than 13.5 seconds at a time and always needs attention and activity.

sometimes tia is the victim of her energy. maya tries hard to get tia to play with her, join in the fun and romping, and perhaps burn some energy. but tia is least interested.


tia is calm and collected. shes under 2 months old, but behaves like shes a granny whos seen all there is to see and has the worlds wisdom. she spends most of her day just sitting around in warm places.

mostly ON my router, behind the fridge, ON my laptop and nestled in various nooks and corners.

in her heart, i think tia thinks of herself as a monk. whos given up worldly pleasures (everything, except fish) for a life of deep meditation and understanding. when maya demands her attention, it gets pretty violent. but tia is never one to react. she has this mature solemn expression like shes too grown up for all these cat games, and would much rather jus sit around and watch the world go by.

the everyday life of a cat:
ply around and be hyper
play around and be hyper
bug each other
be stupid
curl up and sleep
sleep some more
play some more

you get the drift..


Bhavna Shankar said...

cutieeeessss!!!! :)

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Maher Family said...

Oh, the life of a cat. So simple! Those pics are adorable!