Saturday, September 25, 2010

this is how we roll, these days

When its past 6 30 and I wonder when the husband will get home, Im left waiting a good 2-3 hours longer. Why? Because he’s having a late night at work.
When I plan that we will catch a movie over the weekend, my plans get botched. Why? Because he’s working over the weekend.
When I plan to try out the new pepper steak sauce recipe to go with the fried chicken, I suddenly change my mind about making it. Why? Because he has too much work and he’s not coming for lunch.
When I ask him to take a day off to rest, following a night of terrible coughing, sneezing and a fever, it seems like Im suggesting something catastrophic. Why? Because he has deadline that if not met, will affect the worlds economic condition.
When I remind him that we came to Goa for a relaxed, better life together, it suddenly dawns on him how far we’ve come from that. Why? Because hes always at work.

Theres a funny organization (read: bullshit, conjob organization) here in Goa. Based in Goa and fishing for new recruits by pegging everything they have to offer on the ‘Goan life”. Unfortunately, what they forget to iterate, even if subtly so, is the fact that the nature of the industry they work in, is such that it doesn’t matter if you’re in Goa, Bombay or even Timbucktoo, your life as you know it will cease to exist. That’s the basis of being in the advertising industry. Sell your soul, your life and your brains to the industry and forever hold your peace.

However, I must confess that its nice to see the husband feeling so committed and excited by his work. Even if his days stretch to 13-14 hours, and his weekends are spent in the office. Its nice to hear that his hard work did pay off, for the business. Whats even better is when those who matter take notice and acknowledge his commitment and efforts. But sometimes, I ask him (and sometimes myself too) is it worth giving up everything else we have in this wonderful new life, to sit around in an office all the time?


Disguise said...


hAAthi said...

disguise: i know.. its a bit fucked up! but "this too shall pass"..haha thats like a multi purpose statement for everything!

Anita said...

I guess all industries expect that of you especially when there is a deadline to be met. Pity though you are in Goa. Seems a sin to be following normal work standards there...