Monday, September 13, 2010


the gloom of last week seems to have blown over. today already seems like its off to a better start than most days last week.

i have attributed the unexplained lack of spirit and muted energy levels to the complete lack of endorphins. i know myself and my body. i need endorphins to keep me going. moreover, i need to feel healthy to feel energetic. i need endorphins, high energy levels and i need to feel good about myself in order to be happy.

right now im at the end of over 2 months of no exercise whatsoever. for someone that used to be addicted to it, this is way more than a dry spell. the discovery of the joys of cooking havent helped. its been a monsoon of no exercise and lots of rich food, dessert experiments, alcohol and general lethargy. not. good. for. me.

so this is it. im kicking the laziness out now. today.
today i begin living healthy again.
- a run/circuit training
- swimming when its not raining
- more healthy food
- more salad
- less rice
- no alcohol

there. 'nuff said.


prateek james said...

keep on running!! bayybeee!!! ooooo ooo oo oooo!!!

hAAthi said...


VC said...

that means i also gotta eat all that...damnnnnn

hAAthi said...

dont complain da! i try!