Thursday, September 16, 2010

p(m)s, i do not love you..

I picked the wrong day to sit back and watch a movie. Or maybe I picked the wrong movie to watch on a day like this. And I have to give warning, whatever you do, do not watch PS, I Love You, when you’re going through a particularly low emotional phase. To say the movie did something to me would be an understatement. What it did infact, was kill me at various different levels.

First and foremost do not watch it when you’re PMSing and are feeling altogether weepy and ready to bring on the waterworks for any given reason. Be sure not to watch it at a time when you are anyway missing your significant other. Especially refrain from watching it if the previous fact is worsened by a serious dearth of together time. Oh, and do not watch it if your spouse/significant other is slowly turning slave to his workplace and has no time for you, at a time when you need it the most, and yet you cant bring yourself to just ask for it.

Do no watch it when you’re feeling lonely in general, like you don’t have a single soul to call a friend. Do not watch it if you have arbit skin conditions that refuse to go, causing you much trauma, worry and not to mention low energy, self esteem and spirit. Do not watch it if you have been putting off writing a long heartfelt email to your mom. Most definitely stay away from watching it if you are at a time in life when you’re losing faith in all of humanity, people’s genuine-ness and the friends you thought you had. Do not watch it if you have a problem with accepting death. Oh and, don’t watch it if you wish you had your spouse around, and theres no way to to make that happen for the next 10 hours.

That said, it was a lovely movie. Its has gerard butler, whats not to like! It touched me in many different ways. Even though it seemed like it was a cliché “love story”, it was really about so many different kinds of love. So ignore my emotional outburst and watch if you get a chance to. Just don’t watch it under any of the circumstances mentioned above!


Aparna Radhakrishnan said...

I understand how low you must have been and how much worse you would have felt watching that movie...without any of those feeling you mentioned...I was in tears...but that said..I should mention I literally cry for any movie that has any character that cries in the movie..

prateek james said...

machaaaaa mad movie na.....and you think i cry for everything senti.....hwak thooo!!!

hAAthi said...

aparna: i still enjoyed the movie :)

pj: erm,, WHAT?

Romi Chugh said...

its a nice movie.. sad, but nice.. make viku watch it.. see him cry..

hAAthi said...

haha, seen that happen way too many times already.. but yes, i did tell him its worth a watch. i wouldnt mind seeing it again ;) so maybe this weekend..