Thursday, September 23, 2010

random contemplation

I don’t know what it is. Perhaps become overly sensitive or perhaps people are just getting stupider, more frivolous and flippant around me. Perhaps being numb and insensitive is the new cool thing to do. Or perhaps we really have become just that insensitive to the realities around us. Maybe it’s the media overkill, or maybe it’s just that we have stopped looking around and feeling things because we’re so obsessed with ourselves. Maybe it’s the sudden economic growth some of us have experiences, along with a change of lifestyle and surroundings that has put us in this bubble, where we’re totally removed from everything else.

I see it in my friends, I see it in family, I see it on facebook (yes, I’m back on, but I’m seriously contemplating going off again. And when I do, I have a feeling it will be for good.) There’s just a very obvious lack of respect, awareness and sensitivity in people off late. Whats worse is we’re going all out to make this apathy very apparent. Its become cool to trivialize issues of grave importance, with blanket statements. Its become cool to accept illogical and stupid behaviour by laughing it off. Its become the done thing to appreciate and encourage frivolity by never stopping to think if we really want to be a part of it.

Case in point (theres 2 actually):
A terribly insensitive and uneducated opinion on the Ayodhya verdict, which was made visible to me via a status update. Unfortunately in addition to the display of stupidity, it also made it evident to me that some of us are really very snug in our respective bubbles and that matters that concern the country and its people aren’t of much significance. Or at least not enough to say something informed or opinionated about.

A pathetic lack of maturity and brains in another friend, in dealing with a situation very close to my heart.

Why is this happening to me? I feel there are lesser and lesser people with whom I can relate to. People at my wavelength, who believe in things that I do, who share my attitude to life, my feelings towards things. Sure no two people are the same, but the few I call my friends I know I can share a clean open relationship sans barriers. Then, why is it that with a few others im feeling this growing distance, and a barrier of sorts, caused mostly by a sudden realization that perhaps we don’t really have that much in common?

Has it ever happened to you? You wake up one day and you suddenly dont relate to your friends any more? On more than one level! Im just disappointed in people around me. People I thought I was close to. People I thought I could get long with.


Disguise said...

Like you said, this to shall pass. :)
It's a phase that everyone goes through. :)
And if you and your friends manage to stick by each other through such phases, then it's the real deal.

Oh btw, my name is Dishari Dutt. So look for that on Facebook :)

hAAthi said...

disguise: somehow i dont think this is a "this too shall pass" ind of sitatuation :P

Romi Chugh said...

want a listener?? :) we both are taureans so i guess our wave lengths match. You've seen it in the past.. Anytime.. just call.. dont worry about anything..

We all love you Reva.. :)

Stay Cool and Be good.

Disguise said...

And I'm always here if you want to VENT.

hAAthi said...

romi: the taurean vibe sure does make things a little easier :)

disguise: yeah, taureans galore out here. and yes, my blog anyway does turn into a venting space every now and then.. :)