Thursday, September 02, 2010

family fun

a family-filled fun weekend has jus passed. my parents (in the dark corners of the picture) visited from bangalore, and my sister (marching along next to me) came down from bombay. only VC is missing from this picture, but because he took it, i am including him in it. this picture symbolizes the weekend. it was the five of us together after so long.

it was surreal to have them visit my own home, and a sort of role-reversal happened. it was good to be able to cook meals for my mom, for a change. it was good to hand my dad his drink and soda, and cook chicken kheema, it was good to manage the show and wish that they have a nice relaxed few days under my wing. just for a change.

the weekend was filled with food (of course!), drink (of course!), laughter, exploring, fascination, fun, hysteria and madness, oh and the rain. i do hope we can repeat this soon.


Disguise said...

Sounds wonderful

hAAthi said...

it really was :) theres no better way to spend your time and be ensured a good time, than with family!

Queenmatrai said...

How lovely

nakedswaMi said...

:D!.. will be back soon.xx