Sunday, September 05, 2010

what a whole weekend with kittens can do to you

i started off sitting a mile away and watching them in utter shock and awe. i declared that im not a cat person.

as the weekend went by, i slowly warmed up to tia. mostly because she wanted to be cuddled and preferred to sit in my lap, all the time. so i didnt have a choice.

plus shes just so small you cant help but love the little thing!

thats her sitting on vc's cheque book, if you please. yes, shes that tiny.

they say the ultimate conversion happens when the animal demands your attention, and you give in.

this is tia gently demanding my attention, when i have put her down momentarily, just to check my email.

and this is tia not-so-gently demanding my attention. read: "put that damn thing down and make room for me!"

maya on the other hand never sits still. shes too hyper. and also busy plotting ways to attack me. hiding beneath pretty much anything she can hide beneath, and trying to spring on me when i least expect it. as a result i have never been able to pet her, forget cuddle or love her. stupid cat!

sometimes however, she takes a rest from her devious naughty ways, and chooses to rest. only for a minute. long enough for us to take a picture, before she wakes up again and proceeds to bug tia or me.

vc thinks iv been successfully converted. and i promise this is the last you'll hear from me about the cats.

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