Friday, September 10, 2010


- it seems like this monsoon just doesnt want to go. i know iv been talking about it ending for a while now. but no, it hasnt officially ended. while the heat is slowly creeping in, and we often have sunshiney mornings, the rain is never too far behind. the skies change rapidly and the scene outside my balcony goes from bright and crisply sunshiney to dark and overcast to pouring down rain very quickly. they say that since the monsoon came in late this year, it will probably stay a while longer. im waiting and watching.

- it was meant to be eid today. my maid took the day off. i woke up this morning and began doing the dishes, when suddenly the doorbell rang. it was my maid. apparently the moon isnt coming out today, so eid has been pushed to tomorrow. i thanked my stars for giving me a maid who is honest enough to show up on a day she has officially taken off! it also helps that shes extremely warm and sweet and i have to say my interaction with her has become an important part of my everyday routine. the days she doesnt show up, it really does feel like something is missing. im grateful to have found her.

- ever since the anniversary, which marked the beginning of a couple of lazy days ahead, i have been doing a lot of lazing, random internet browsing, and very little working. its like the work switch has been turned off. which is not very good at this point of time because i have a book that isnt going to be editing itself any time soon. at least not in time for when the deadline is going to hit me square in the face.

- yesterday, we had a guest over for dinner. i cooked an entirely south indian meal. carrot/beans huli, brinjal palya, rice, papads, pickle and curd. i realized 1) south indian cooking is possibly the easiest for me. its quick, hassle-free and most importantly makes me feel confident 2) its fun to entertain 3) it was so good to interact with someone new!

- i still havent gotten back on some sort of exercise regimen. after over 2 months of doing nothing but stuffing face, the lethargy has set in and i cant seem to shake myself out of it. but i so desperately need to because iv crossed that point of having just gained a little weight here and there, to actually feeling uncomfortable and a bit like a slob. i copied my pilates dvd when my mum came down, and i also brought out my bathing suit with every intention to start swimming again. my mind is willing, but the flesh, not so much.

- tomorrow is ganesh chaturti. while i dont consider myself "religious", im feeling the pangs of missing all the action at home. my single association with ganesh chaturti is all the goodies and food my mum makes. my granny called yesterday, and asked if i was going to do the symbolic custom that marks the day, and i casually said "its no fun doing it all alone". what i genuinely meant was here i am, all alone, with no motivation to "celebrate" an event like this, because in my mind it is associated with getting together with family, eating all the goodies together, exchanging happy times. it just doesnt feel right to do it alone. the only answer she gave me was "its not done for the fun of it. there is a significance to it all." something to think about i guess.

- weekends are usually distinctly different from weekdays here. during the 5 day week, i spent my time almost always alone, either working, cooking, doing something around the house, running some errands, or meeting one of the few friends iv made here. on weekends, i do nothing but stay in, spend time with vc and try not to work either. this weekend however, vc is going to be working, saturday and sunday. so i plan to spend my time at the parlour, getting some much needed and long overdue pampering, catching up on my shows and reading.

- on our anniversary, i tried my hand at one of pioneer womans recipes. the first i have ever experimented actually making. it was ridiculously simple and was quite a success, if i might say so myself. in a burst of excitement at having successfully cooked it, i wrote to ree drummond, much like a star struck fan would write fan mail to someone shes in awe of. and much like a star struck fan, i am eagerly anticipating a reply. yes, i know it sounds silly because she probably has a gazillion fans out there and a gazillion emails everyday from them. im sure she doesnt sit around writing back to everyone. but somewhere i was hoping she would write back to me. siiigh.

- while falling asleep last night, it suddenly occurred to me that in just over 3 months 2010 will be over. and it gave me a combined feeling: wow-that-was-quick + what..already??!?! and i dozed off thinking about the year gone by and just how much has changed. of course towards the end of every passing year, i am overcome by this very same feeling, but 2010 has got to be by far the most life changing year i have had so far. even more than the year i got married.

- it feels good to be putting my mind and heart into some of the exciting work i have happening. its great to have this sense of independence again. what makes it even better is to be able to choose how i spend my time. work when i feel like it, laze when i feel like it, dont work if i dont feel like it, enjoy my weekends if i must and slog my weekdays off if i need to. it makes me wonder how i will ever re-adjust to a day job again. but thats a thought il save for the event when it might actually happen.

until then, joie de vivre it is.

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