Saturday, June 26, 2010

this is it

in october last year, i had a this-is-it-moment. a moment of truth. a moment that made me realize that i would never live to witness michael jackson live. this is it.

last night, as the world remembered michael jackson, exactly one year since his unexpected death, i relived the this-is-it moment. the realization that a legend really had passed on. and nothing else can probably come close.

michael jackson's this is it opens with random clips of dancers auditioning for the michael jackson this is it tour. as they reveal their feelings of anticipation, excitement, of dreams coming true, of happiness, of relief and of pure joy at doing what they have lived to do, i had goosebumps. right from the word go. just the way i did the first time i watched the film.

what i loved the most about the film, was the hard hitting truth. the way it has been shot and put together, peels off the many layers of michael jackson. shattering the facade of the very misunderstood and very messed up michael jackson that the world knows. revealing beneath it, an honest artist, who is just enjoying doing what he loves most -- making music and entertaining the world.

the film was just so real and unrehearsed, with so much candid behind the scenes footage, that one cant help but feel the honesty shine through. i loved how so many little memorable and lesser known moments of rehearsal time have been captured so realistically. the pauses, the repetitions, the sheer joy in hitting a note right, the punch in the beats kicking in, the collaboration between him his backing vocalists and accompanying musicians. the pure bliss on his face, his animated involvement, his moves! what groove the man had! every cell in his body bursting with energy and rhythm!

underneath it all michael jackson was pure, unadulterated talent combined with joy. and this came through in the ease with which he sang so many different songs. switching between them effortlessly. coaxing his troupe to give it their best shot, every time they uttered a word. the way he sings, moves, jumps, walks all at once and without the slightest quiver or shake in his voice was something else!

most of all the film made me realize what a genuine performer he was. a true entertainer. a larger than life kind of icon.

it made me realize: this is it. he is and always will be KING of pop.


prateek james said...

you write damn well daaa :)

MJ, the moon-walker, rules mach

hAAthi said...

:) why thank you jamesyyy-waymzeey!!