Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it rained all night

i woke up to rain. torrential rain. just the way it was when i went to sleep. and just the way it has been all night.

one of the two umbrellas we own is broken. the husband needs the car to go to work today. which leaves me at home, without a way out. but its perfect, because im siting by my balcony, watching it come down with so much force and grace all at the same time. with a hot cup of tea in my hand, and ray charles singing to me.


Queenmatrai said...

Gosh, Gorgeous.
Felt like I was there ;)

Aparna Radhakrishnan said...

Enjoy it while you can...

The torrential rains are always fun to see and enjoy but in the UK...all I get is a boring drizzle all day long and every two-three days! Well, I hear that's British Weather...living with it but missing the monsoon in India!

hAAthi said...

qmt: it really was. and its getting even prettier!

aparna: the london rain can be quite dismal and grey. the coastal monsoon on the other hand is refreshing and vibrant. i hope you make a trip back to india in the near future and refresh yourself!