Thursday, June 10, 2010

sudden realization

last night, it suddenly dawned on me how much my life has changed, in so little time.

in bangalore, my life was consumed by 3 things. work. sleep. going out to eat/drink. these activities filled my day, not necessarily meaningfully.

today, my life is consumed by so much more. even though i dont work full time, my days are whizzing by. im busy, doing so many things, i never imagined myself doing. at the end of the day, i feel content, satisfied and happy.

what else could i ask for?


Queenmatrai said...

I'm happy that you're happy and in some strange way your change of life is giving me the guts to change my life...

prateek james said...

eat/drink - priceless, full meaning boss!! :)

hAAthi said...

qmt: do it do it do it!

pj: erm, what?