Wednesday, June 23, 2010

one of the reasons why i think kunal is a genius

Bombay Chaupati from Kunal Sen on Vimeo.

an impeccably subtle, joyous, touching and perfectly made video by kunal. and if this seems like a little sneaky publicity for a friend, it probably is.

i was always slightly in awe of kunals work, even when he was just a student in bangalore. from little fun mismatched flash video birthday gifts, to stop motion fun and more serious grad projects, i think iv seen pretty much a lot of his work. and while he has probably progressively grown and matured as an artist, the sense of awe and inspiration that i feel has always remained the same. this video gave me goosebumps the first time i saw it. funny thing is, it did the second time too. and the third and the fourth. you get the drift.

but the larger issue is that it brought a sudden burst of nostalgia. when i just saw this again, memories associated with the song came gushing back into the rivulets of my mind. memories of a different time. when music and singing was an everyday practice. when it was more than a hobby or a way to pass time. when it was about being young, enthusiastic and raring to go.

nothing will ever be the same again. and all that remains is a treasury of memories and good times. happy times. musical times.


akshay said...
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akshay said...

i'm not easily speechless but...

*clicks on Like button*

Cherokee Tomahawk said...

truly inspiring...he gotta be doing some photography as well...his handiwork says he does

Cherokee Tomahawk said...

Cudnt help but comment again. Can you let him know that he is talneted and has an eye which is different