Sunday, June 27, 2010

snoozed out sunday

the weather has been rainy. gloomy. grey. wet.

and i woke up feeling under the weather today. since then, its been a day of vegetating. watching tv, eating at odd hours. eating in between meals. sipping copious amounts of tea. and feeling altogether very lazy and out of it.

its the kind of day that only a nice quiet dinner amidst cozy ambience can fix. so we're off for dinner. just the two of us, at a beach facing restaurant. and a 50% discount coupon is just a cherry on the top.


VC said...

:) the highlight was eating rubbish at odd times... completely ruining our appetites... i think we need some exercise rere.... it's time to now lead a healthy life!

hAAthi said...

haha let me remind you that it was mostly YOU that ate all the rubbish, while i pecked here and there..

prateek james said...

next naked sundays :P

Anonymous said...

:) Some lazy days can so relaxing!! And I though rain makes one want to eat pakoras :)

hAAthi said...

pj: HAHA how do you know i dont already have that going ;)

indianhomemaker: pakoras are saved for rainy weather lazy days :)

Crazy Diamond said...

wow, sounds lovely! m sure you had a great time. 50% discount is a fab deal