Friday, June 11, 2010

spreading the love

food is an obsession with me.
food is a celebration.
food is love.
food is beauty.
food is comfort.

and ever since iv discovered food porn, iv been experiencing one long never ending virtual, visual orgasm. msotly because i havent stopped clicking "next". everynow and then i stop what i doing to go back and get some more. food. porn.

and THIS is driving me crazy today.

ps: is one of the most awesome sites i have discovered in recent times. thanks to my internet detective, G.

go on. click. drool. repeat.
this is just my way of spreading the love.


G said...

:~) happiness!

nakidswami said...

:D fulllllown happinesss!!!

Queenmatrai said...

I lurve it *drool*

so hungry! said...


akshay said...

you suck man. i spend way too much time on this site.

my dream of gettin rich and buying cars has been replaced by gettin rich and buying this site. so i can be there at the shoots. and eat them all.

mamoid said...

mental....hello remember what ice creams use to do to u!!! so forget the cars..just buy a damn bakery

hAAthi said...

g: totalllly!

nangu: totalllly!

qmt: me too..drool on this site for a few mins everyday now..

so hungry: who are you!?

akshay: "thank you" would have been enough..

mamoid: a simple "thank you" from mental would have sufficed no?