Wednesday, June 02, 2010

its only teenage wasteland

current addiction: house md
favourite actor: hugh laurie
favourite characters: house, wilson, chase
favourite songs from the sound track: you cant always get what you want, baba o riley
favourite episodes: the one where house tells the story about his leg, the one where foreman is sick

if medical dramas give you a high, watch house md.
if you have a love for perfectly etched out characters, with strong personalities, interesting quirks and unforgettable traits, watch house md.
if you like suspense, drama and sarcastic comedy all rolled into one, watch house md.

this is what has kept me "busy" all of last week. its good iv slowed down a little, now that the initial high of discovering a new love has waned off. i am now paying attention to things around the house that desperately needed attention, and were being hugely ignored as a result of my new addiction.

give it a try, if you havent already!


Queenmatrai said...

Next on my list. Once I get unlimited download....Unless you decide to courier me a DVD copy :D

haathi said...

hahaha..can do. let me know if you want.