Thursday, June 17, 2010

its raining down on me

the rains have kept me and the husband pretty much home/office-bound now. but when we do step out, im amazed by how goa seems to take on a completely different avatar in this season! im seeing and experiencing a side of goa i have never seen before.

puddles all around. school children in their oversized raincoats carefully covering their overweight backpacks. adults with colorful umbrellas. children splish-splashing in every puddle they pass. adults carefully manouvering their way around. vegetable vendors, still walking around on foot. pav-wallahs still cycling around, an extra layer of plastic covering their baskets filled with steaming hot pavs. everybody who has a balcony or a large window facing the direction of the sea now has an ugly plastic sheet hung over it. presumably to keep the rain out.

i on the other hand, just leave my balcony doors open, letting the rain come in occasionally. or sitting close enough to feel the gentle spray from the drizzle. the balcony doors are the only ventilation we have these days. we've gone from having a home where windows were open all the time, to one where we're forced to shut ourselves in. as a result im facing the troubles of a typical coastal-town-housewife! my laundry refuses to dry soon enough. my curd doesnt set soon enough. and everything is musty and damp!

apart form everything getting a clean and washed-out, the temperatures have dropped a bit, and the rains have brought a welcome wind along with it. days are pleasant and most often i can get by even without having my fans on.

something about the weather is making me crave sweet things. and coffee. added to my growing appetite, these cant be good habits to nurture. the weather has also forced me to stock my playlists with norah jones, coldplay, massive attack, john get the drift. moody and melancholic music.

but all said and done, im loving it. the husband and i cant seem to tell each other enough, how this season is the best thing thats happened since we moved. this afternoon however, i cribbed about how the laundry hasnt dried in almost 2 days now. and the husband had just one thing to say -- to enjoy the rainbow, we're going to have to put up with the rain.

i cant argue with that :)


Queenmatrai said...

I like the way VC thinks :D

Aparna Radhakrishnan said...

Loved "to enjoy the rainbow, ..."


Bhavna Shankar said...

:D nice one-liner!

hAAthi said...

qmt: me too, me too :)

aparna: :)

bp: stupid vc gets all wise sometimes!