Monday, May 17, 2010

what happens when you have an ocd about cleaning

having my own living space has brought out the uber obsessive, cleanliness freak in me. given wings to the previously stifled domestic side of me, in a manner of speaking. iv discovered the joy that is to be had in wiping surface clean, tidying piles of clothes, arranging kitchen things, doing the laundry and hanging it out to dry. yes, i know that sounds impossible, but its true.

dusting has taken on a new meaning these days. sweeping and mopping go beyond just the customary routine chores they actually are. i even went to the extent of getting myself some wire organizers to bundle up messy wires and created makeshift elevations from boxes (to keep the dust out). sometimes i find myself cleaning up after my maid has left, regardless of the fact that she has performed those exact same duties just a while ago.

but the truth is keeping things clean and in order, give me a sense of satisfaction. i dont know if its because im at a time where i have little else to engage my attention-span-of-a-frisky-monkey brain, or if its genuinely a love for having things under my control.

some say its a bit of both. ha ha. i do tend do get a little obsessive about it, however, often leading myself to complete exhaustion, or driving myself to the point where iv cleaned u so much i cant bear to be at home any longer. i have to get out of the hosue just for a breather, or i will find something else to clean even after i have been at it for 4 hours straight.

but everything has a limit i guess. a threshold, beyond which it gets saturating. i think i reached that point of saturation sometime last week. and i turned into something i couldnt recognize. a someone who ignored the house for 3 days straight. and that, in my normal world, is PREPOSTEROUS.

but there i lay. disinterested. not caring for the heaps of laundry waiting to be done. the dust that continued to collect. the maid who had a blast without being supervised. the kitchen ignored. veggies shrivelling up, groceries running out waiting to be replenished, the milk and curd cycle going haywire. whats more, my routine went off sched too. breakfasts were super late, making lunch a chore and then the whole day would be slow, lethargic and very very lazy.

finally after 3 days of THAT, i could take it no more. after 3 days of nothing but lying around, dozing at ridiculously regular intervals, eating not so great food, and just watching the house fall apart -- i decided enough is enough. and got into cleaning frenzy mode all over again.

needless to say, i felt good again :D
and order has been restored in the haathi's nest.

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Queenmatrai said...

I hate to admit but I am OCD too.

Hmm Maybe I should do a post about the Queen's OCD one day.