Monday, May 17, 2010

paranormal activities at the nest

yesterday something weird happened at the nest.
a white mug went missing.
it was there when i dishes in the morning. it didnt get used at breakfast. and yet when i came home after spending the whole day out, it was missing.
i looked all over. behind the washing machine. in between the cabinets and the fridge. under the sink. in the living room. in the balconies. in the bedroom. and even in the bathroom!
i looked beside the bed, inside the cabinets, in the fridge and under it too.
i looked ALL OVER. and the nest isnt that big or densely furnitured yet. so things cant get easily misplaced. even if they do, theres only so many places they could be in. and i looked in all those places.
still no white mug.
it disturbed me. things dont jus go missing like that. especially when i was so sure it was right there all morning.
my poor ocd mind just couldnt deal with the fact that a perfect set of 4 mugs, might suddenly have to be an odd imbalanced set of 3. gasp!
so i looked some more. in all those places again, telling myself that maybe i didnt look hard enough.
still no white mug.
after about 20 minutes of fretting, loudly declaring to the husband how disturbing this was, and silently also considering possibilities of a friendly ghost, rodents, paranormal activities around the house, in my mind, i gave up.
still no white mug.
how frustrating.
we got on with making dinner, my sister and i.
she opened the microwave door to heat soemthing, and gasped.
THERE it sat.
a lonely white mug. full of water.
who put it there, nobody knows!


Queenmatrai said...

Ha ha ha

That's a riot or a really stupid "Kick Me" Moment LOL

haathi said...

yeah totally was!

i still havent eliminated the possibilities of BFG, or paranormal activities a bit paranoid like that.

Pesto Sauce said...

Been here first time...liked your stuff

Check the sides of cup, maybe it has wings!!

haathi said...

pesto: lol.. jus checked. no wings. im still gunning for the ghosts!