Tuesday, May 25, 2010

joys of being on a sabbatical #24

uninterruupted viewing of tv shows you have never watched before. to the point where you get addicted.

if i were employed, would i be able to sit back and enjoy the pleasures of watching hours of dr house without a break?

NO. and it makes me grateful to have a husband who earns the bread, while i take this break of sorts (partly by choice and partly by the sheer lack of work in goa), and do the things i havent done before. watching dr house, for one. amongst other things.


Queenmatrai said...

I second that.

Am addicted to this TV show called "Greek".

No husband though...hmmm

haathi said...

well you have several years of a successful career to back you :)

APARNA said...

You are right sabbaticals are fun...but I doubt I would enjoy if I got one...I think I would feel that I am being useless...I always have the need to keep myself busy....TV doesn't help...although the internet does...

haathi said...

sabbaticals are only fun if you really want to be on a sabbatical aparna :)

thanks for stopping by :P