Sunday, May 09, 2010

then and now..

i miss those days when the laundry would miraculously get done.
i miss those days when tasty meals would appear on time.
i miss those days when cleaning up meant jus tidying up within the four walls of my room.
i miss those days when shantha aunty would help me spring clean, once every 6 months.
i miss those days when groceries would never run out.
i miss those days when i didnt have to watch my bank balance, and never had to worry about it running out.
i miss those days when life was simple.

i love doing my own laundry. sorting it out, watching it roll rumble and tumble. and then hanging out fresh smelling detergent moist laundry.
i love cooking meals and getting things ready on time.
i love cleaning up after my maid, doing all the thigns she doesnt do as well as i want her to.
i love climbing on chairs, pulling out things from the top shelves, cleaning them out and putting them back, just to satisfy my obsessive mind.
i love going to the municipal market, feeling my way through the fresh vegetables and fruits and reveling in the many yummy things i can buy.
i love rationing an budgeting my purchases, and tactfully watching where i spend my money.
i love this slightly complicated thing we call life.


prateek james said...

phuss phuss phusss phussssssss hehehehe

Queenmatrai said...

My biggest decision after quitting my job was
"Should I buy new towels today OR tomorrow"


Queenmatrai said...

Finally sat down and read your blog today...
Glad you are finally settling into Goa...

Carpe Diem :))))

haathi said...

pj: yes yes, all that and more :P

queenie: lol! i know what thats like. i often ponder about things like, should i eat breakfast and then lunch? or brunch?

welcome back to blogdom. hope your daddys doing much better.